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Pinterest Adventure Day 9

I’m working my way through this sampler quilt panel, so there are a number of different block styles with various colors that I wouldn’t necessarily put together myself, but in the end I think it will have a nice modern look to it.

I have to admit, I’m having mixed feelings about this quilt.  Too many starts and stops, and I’m regretting the light grey thread.  Before I started, I considered going with white or slightly off white, but I thought it might be too bright on the darker blocks.  However, after completing several blocks I’m now thinking I would have liked it better overall.  Live and learn!  That’s what practice is all about 🙂

I’m enjoying the ruler work but still find the most fun in the areas where I do free motion quilting.  Of course they don’t end up looking as precise, but that’s A-OK with me! Once this whole panel is finished, bound and washed, I think it’s going to surprise me.


More to come on this one tomorrow!



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