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Pinterest Adventure Day 10

Well, this isn’t about just one pin; I got a lot of work done today!

I finally finished all the bigger blocks on my panel, took care of the smaller blocks as well, and then hit the circles – which I think are my favourite part of the whole quilt thus far because they’re organic, kind of funky, and took far less time to quilt than all the other stuff 🙂

The top two blocks were actually done at the end of yesterday but they didn’t make it into that photo so I’m including them here.  Lots more ruler work, lots more lamenting about not using white thread … I’ve stitched most of these designs before, but the challenge here was working within the limits of specific blocks.




The mini quilt I pinned had a white background with small coloured squares and these popping circles were done around each square and extended out into the surrounding background area.  I really like these!  Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of this quilt 🙂


I’m going to go back in with white thread to fill these larger background areas, but I wanted to keep the color consistent in all the blocks so that prevented me from filling in the background as I went along.  That would be my preferred process!


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