My Pinterest Adventure, Quilting Day by Day

Pinterest Adventure Day 11

So you can see that I’ve missed a few days of Pinterest posts – which is allowed, right?  This adventure is flexible 🙂

I’m in the midst of a minor renovation in my basement and working on a couple of other projects, but I made a point of stitching this one out today.

It was tricky to keep track of the lines as I went – I did mark one of the zig zag lines in each of the geometric sections so I would have a good guide for the rest of the lines, but I had to be careful as I went along because it was easy to get mixed up.  However, I really like the end result and it has a great texture.

The one I pinned just had pebbles over the whole background but even though I like the look of pebbles in all sizes, sometimes I get bored stitching them over a larger area, so I threw in some spirals, of course …



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