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Pinterest Adventure Day 12

Finally got to sit down and quilt today after putting the finishing touches on my basement reno.  I can’t wait to share photos of the completed space, but I’m waiting for a new piece of equipment to arrive and I’ll post when everything is set up!

For now, here is today’s pin, simple but cool, fit into a tile on a composition quilting design.  I just drew the large circles using the base of a thread cone and a slightly smaller spool, then pebbled around them.  Fun idea!  And yes, I see some of the wonky edges but they’ll disappear when the finished quilt gets laundered 🙂


I’m also including a couple of photos of the surrounding area for extra fun.  There’s a bright chevron patterned insert hiding in there, but you’ll get to see it another day 🙂


You can see where I’ve marked lines to section off the areas around the swirl chain.  I draw those as parameters that I will intentionally break through as I stitch organically (read as “planning on the fly”) to make it look like things are layered and moving through each other.  I’ll show more on this technique in a later post, just wanted to get something up tonight to show you I haven’t given up on my adventure! LOL



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