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Straight Line Border Stitching

Happy Monday!  It’s freezing cold here and now that the build up from our major snowfall has been cleared around most of town I hear that driving is much better – although I really don’t want to have to go outside 🙂

Today I wanted to share a quick tip I learned from another video for stitching straight line borders in a way that keeps the travel stitching/thread build up where you want it instead of where you might not want it.

If you stitch back and forth on the same line (much easier to do with a ruler!) you can keep all the travelling along one edge rather than having it show up on every second side of your section.  Use the quilt edge for travelling if you are stitching an outer border; use the ditch between your piecing and an inside border.  Simple hint, but useful and I didn’t think about it before I saw it done, so I hope this video is helpful 🙂



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