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Serenity = Robin’s Egg Blue


Despite the bold chevron insert, this quilt makes me think of how I feel when I’m standing by the ocean: serene.  Maybe those brighter colors mixed with white could symbolize the waves coming in and rolling back in the midst of the calm 🙂

This Robin’s Egg blue (Moda Bella Solids) is a color I could use over and over again.  It’s just the “right” turquoise and it goes with many other colors beautifully.  The prints for the insert are from Angela Walters’ Drawn fabric line.

The stitching designs on this one are, as you know if you’ve been reading my posts the past while, include a few Pinterest ideas I saved along with some of my own favourites.  The quilt idea itself came from a saved pin, and the link takes you to a page called Simple Simon & Company, where a lady named Elizabeth writes about it.  I didn’t see a pattern there to credit – and I just figured out how I wanted to do it myself from the photo – but I presume she made it so I wanted to mention that here.  Hers is lovely in a mostly white background, one of my favourite colours to stitch on!  I also liked the straight lines bordering the insert so I did that on mine as well.


I love composition quilting!  If you were to ask me for a definition, I don’t know if I could give you a good one.  I saw this term used by a well known quilter to describe her quilting technique and, because I was so attracted to the style, I’ve been trying to incorporate it more and more into my own quilts so I’ve adopted the term 🙂  It’s not the same thing for me as “wild quilting”, which is anything and everything wherever it ends up as I go.

I think of composition quilting as making it look as though certain elements are moving through other elements, kind of layering in front of or behind each other as they go, and I mark just a few lines here and there to define areas so I know where I want to break through them with other designs, if that makes any sense at all.  It’s like making a plan to break the plan, but it’s still part of the plan … yikes!

So, for example, if I mark a big square that I intend to break through with spirals, in the end there will only be partial lines from the square that are actually stitched (after the spirals) to give the illusion of the spirals “breaking” through the squares.  And there might be stitched lines on one side of the square in one place and on the other side in another place.  The end result looks more complicated than that, but it’s really just a lot more detailed stitching 🙂

Usually, the bigger areas are marked before quilting starts and then the spontaneity takes over.  But sometimes – as was the case with the area between the two feathered chevron sections on the right side – I start out with one thing in mind and then decide to make it more of a “composition on the fly”. HAHA



I actually intended to do all the negative space with tiles (see bottom left corner) but I got bored, so the plan had to change, and that’s OK by me 🙂  In fact, it happens more often than not! LOL



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