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Couching on the weekend


No, couching has nothing to do with laying around on the sofa …

I made a set of pillow covers this weekend using one of the Handi Quilter couching feet, some free motion quilting, and a cool ball of chenille yarn.

The neutral colors worked well for a modern look and both covers came out of the wash with no issues so that pleased me as well!  I wasn’t sure what to expect with all that chenille, but it held up beautifully and is oh so soft to touch.  It gives wonderful texture to the cushion covers.

I recorded a short video to show you the couching foot in action – most of it is sped up so no, I wasn’t going that fast!  In fact, when couching, it seems best to run the machine faster but move the project more slowly to make sure the stitches are good and tiny securing the yarn all along the way 🙂

IMG_2505 2IMG_2509IMG_2506IMG_2507

Couching is really no more difficult than free motion quilting itself, just take a little extra care in keep the yarn feeding through the hole in the foot without knotting up and away you go!  I used my regular So Fine 50wt thread in the light cream color and it got lost in the yarn which is exactly what you want.


All stuffed and ready to cuddle!




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