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Geometric Sampler

I can finally show you my finished sampler panel quilt because my violet solid fabric for the binding arrived in the mail this week!

You’ve been seeing bits and pieces of this one in my Pinterest Adventure posts, and it’s now complete.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the binding just HAD to be violet.  I tried a few others but none worked for me.  It was definitely worth waiting for!


This is a Natalia Bonner long arm training panel, and I quilted it on my sit down long arm machine. There were so many opportunities to try different designs, especially ruler work.  I highly recommend trying out a panel like this – or piecing something with various shapes – and working around it using different stitching designs.  It held my interest and challenged me to think beyond my go-to favourites 🙂  Natalia has a class on Craftsy, called “Free Motion Motifs for Classic Blocks” where she demonstrates various options for quilting these blocks.  It’s a great class with loads of inspiration!


I looked on the Pattern Jam website recently and I couldn’t find the same panel as they seem to have changed their setup since I purchased it, but you can still create your own geometric panel from scratch using their provided shapes, solid colors, and even prints if you wish.  The panels come in different sizes and you can change things around until it looks just the way you want it to look.

I’m currently doing some time consuming piecing (gasp!) on a cool modern quilt top, also designed by Natalia, with two more in the wings.  I feel a free motion wild quilting break coming on at any moment …

Have a great weekend!



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