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Pinterest Adventure Day 14

I’m still going!  HAHA

I know you’ve seen me do feathers before and I continue to look for new ways to embellish them, twist them, branch off from them etc.  I’d saved a pin with a few of these popping off a densely quilted background and decided to sit down this morning and knock this off my list LOL


Don’t look too closely at my background though, it’s only there to make the gold feather stand out and I hurriedly stitched it to pack down the batting but didn’t have any matching navy thread, which would have looked much better.  But I’m super happy with the cool feather.  Don’t you love how that Magnifico 40wt polyester thread builds up and defines areas?

I haven’t done much embellishing of bump back style feathers as they tend to be more traditional, so I wanted to see how it would look compared to my more casual feathers.  One of my goals is to get as comfortable stitching out this type of feather as I am with my go-to designs so today’s exercise proved to me that even a traditional custom feather can handle some whimsy!  I find it boring to just stitch out regular old feathers so there always has to be a surprise somewhere …


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