Quilting Day by Day

Just Gotta Quilt!


Well, Ok, it was daytime.  But it was one of THOSE days.  You know, the piecing kind! LOL

I’m currently working on some new quilt tops in cool modern designs and that requires a lot of cutting and piecing before I can get to the quilting machine.  We’ve discussed this before, I know, but my piecing moods are a significant part of my quilting journey so I share them here hoping for just one tiny little bit of sympathy from just one other person out there who understands … anyone?  Bueller? (Generation X movie viewer memory required for that one)

Seriously, though, I got to thinking that perhaps the way I feel about piecing is like the way others who don’t enjoy the actual quilting feel about the quilting process itself.  And if it is the same, then I’m here to tell you I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

But I’m about to pull out the “my struggle is harder than yours” card, because you can piece to your heart’s content, make all the quilts you love, doing what you love, and then either fold them nicely to store on a shelf until you decide what to do with them or send them off to someone else – like me! – to do the part you really don’t like!  I, on the other hand MUST piece in order to quilt.  There’s no way around it for me.  Am I getting anywhere here?  Any sympathetic sighs?  LOL

So Friday was one of those days.  Sometimes I can get through two or three days before I hit the bad-mood-dark-cloud-end-of-my-rope stage – yup, it’s a real thing and you only have to ask the people around me to find out how irritable I become in this unfortunate situation – but other times, it’s just one day and I’m already nearing the edge of my sanity.

It didn’t help that I spent all morning cutting one piece of fabric thinking I would move on to the others and actually get started sewing by the afternoon and then found out that my math was wrong and I didn’t actually have enough of the other four colors to complete the job.  So the first and main color is all prepared, yes.  Did it help me that day?  No.

NOTE: to all the stashers out there now laughing or shaking heads at me for not keeping more fabric in stock:  you’re just being mean!!! 😂😂😂

After lunch I had to then start on a whole other piecing project which I had no hope of finishing that day, so all the time I was sewing I KNEW that I still wouldn’t have anything ready to quilt the next day and my mood was spiralling.  Thank God for chocolate.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I remembered the piece of rainbow striped fabric I had purchased and intended for a cool baby quilt, and the awesome thick polar fleece I grabbed on a roll from someone who no longer needed it, and I loaded it onto the frame. As soon as my needle hit the quilt and the stitching began, I was mentally stable again.

The struggle is real.

Here is a video of me having fun.  I will stitch this design out on a solid color for you at a later date so you can see it clearly, but for now, just be glad it’s safe to knock on my door again …

(I’m so glad y’all have such a good sense of humour!!!)

Do something you love today!  Life is short 🙂



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