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Pinterest Adventure Day 15

I just noticed that my last post for my Pinterest Adventure was a month ago!  I’ve been saving more ideas, and I will definitely be stitching them out and posting photos here for you, but for now I just wanted to share this idea.

The design itself isn’t from a saved pin, but the idea is one that I’ve been reading about and wanting to try to let’s just call it a pin, OK?  Because I could have fibbed and told you that I pinned it, or I could easily have gone looking for a pin that talked about it just to be able to tell you it was one of my pins, but that’s not how I roll!  This is an honest adventure, with no expectations, and therefore, no need for deception! LOL

A few of the professionals that I learn from online talk about using two layers of batting over the whole quilt to get more definition with their quilting, depending on the project, and it looks like trapunto without actually using that technique.  So I threw a little sandwich together this morning with Hobbs 80/20 topped with Quilter’s Dream poly deluxe and stitched out this feather with a dense background filler.


There were no obstacles to quilting with the extra thickness, I didn’t have to use a special foot for this, and it quilted out very well!  Some also use a wool batting for the upper layer to get more loft, and I’ll eventually try that as well, but I didn’t have a wool scrap laying around today.


The definition is certainly there and the whole thing looks great – even better in person! – but the one thing I would say is that this might be very heavy and stiff on a quilt intended for cuddling.  As usual, these things are a matter of opinion because we all look for different things in our end result.  I do love the idea for a wall quilt though, as this would add to its long term stability along with giving the extra poof and texture in all the right places.  Even the pebbles pop when you look from the right angle!


I did shoot a quick video of this process but because the top print is so busy there wasn’t really much to show you other than my machine moving around!

I’m getting ready to load a quilt that will be making use of another saved pin with some fun free motion quilting, custom quilting, and ruler work, so stay tuned! I will likely get started on it tomorrow and I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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