Quilting Day by Day

Central Alberta Quilt Show + video


I was at the Central Alberta Quilt Show in Red Deer April 7th to spend some time doing  free motion quilting demos at the Handi Quilter booth, for Central Sewing Machines out of Edmonton.  Just thought I’d share some photos and a quick video with you.

I have to admit that my most fun time was spent doing the demos and talking to people about free motion quilting and how well this machine works; it’s such a great option for people who either don’t have room for a full frame long arm, or can’t spend a lot of time standing up to quilt.  Using this machine is very much like quilting on a domestic sewing machine but with WAY MORE SPACE to work in, making the whole process much easier and, in my opinion, more fun!

So I don’t have photos of all the lovely quilts to share with you here – I’m sure you can find those online already – my daughter was my photographer and videographer that day and once I was finished talking and teaching and sharing my passion with anyone who walked by (for over two hours straight, haha) we had lunch, checked out a few vendors, and agreed we were both done.  Thankfully the Handi Quilter booth was in a bit of an alcove set apart from the super busy and way too full of people main area of the pavilion which not only gave my brain space to focus, but put us right beside the Hamel’s Fabrics booth (Chilliwack, BC) and I have a family/friend connection there, so getting to visit with Pauline was an added bonus 🙂  I got her on the long arm machine and she had fun!

What did I buy?  Well, we all know I’m not a big stasher so I didn’t break the bank or anything LOL, but I did come away with a bag of my favourite Superior Threads from the Cotton Mill Threadworks booth!  Always need more thread …


I had a great time and was happy to be invited to participate and share my love of free motion quilting on a wider scale.


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