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Handi Quilter Glide Foot + video

Just a short post today to share a quick video I recorded while working on a very unique quilt top, heavily embellished with doilies, appliqués, embroidery, ribbons, beads and pearls in various designs.

The maker had already attached batting to the back in sections as she put each one together, and my job was to turn it into a full on quilt with backing and an additional batting layer, and to give it stability and texture without drawing attention away from the original work with a lot of noticeable free motion stitching.  Definitely a challenge, given that most of my usual work is very visible and detailed!

Enter my Handi Quilter Glide foot.  This bowl shaped foot allowed me to stitch around and on top of the thicker and ruffled edges of the shapes and doilies with no problems at all.  There was no pulling or stretching as I went, and because it is clear I could see everything I was doing without any obstacles.  It can be attached to the HQ longarm machines as well as the sit down Sweet Sixteen, with the turn of a screw.  I needed to switch back and forth between it and my regular hopping foot throughout the project in order to accomplish the mission, but it was changed easily and quickly.

I’ve also seen others use this when they have a thicker batting to work with as it doesn’t grab anything while it moves around the quilt.  Very HANDI 😉

(There are some new quilts to come – it’s been a weekend of updating my online business pages with new photos and such, so stay tuned!)


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