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Modern Tiles Quilt + video

How about another modern quilt from the “Wiggling” pattern in the Modern One-Block Quilts book by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting?  This pattern is so much fun to make (I don’t even really mind the piecing on this one because it’s quick and easy and the layout gives it the wiggly look!) and if you use charm packs you can end up with a wild variety of prints pulled together with one cool solid framing each one 🙂 I used charm packs for the first one I made using the Maker’s Home collection.

On this quilt, I used the same green geometric print throughout and mixed it with a variety of prints in greys from the Drawn fabric line by Angela Walters.  This won’t be the last one I make from this pattern; I feel like it’s becoming a go to pattern when I want something quick and fun!


#185b copy#185d copy#185 Apr.:18 copy

I quilted it with a wavy line stitching pattern that includes some basic leaves on every second row for a fresh modern look, and because it’s a super quick way to fill up a quilt while giving it great texture!  The possibilities are endless with a stitching pattern like this; you can use the leaves on every line, or spread them out as much as you wish, or even add something other than leaves like pebbles in pods or little flowers or whatever you can imagine.  Draw out some lines on paper and see what you can come up with for your own style.  This particular idea was inspired by Christina Cameli who was showing examples of how to embellish straight line quilting in blocks.  I wanted wavy lines so I adapted it and voila!

#185e copy

#185c copy

The texture is also great because I used Quilter’s Dream Poly Deluxe batting, which is a slightly heavier and loftier batting than my usual Hobbs 80/20.  It’s fun to try out different battings and see what kind of results you get, so I do suggest experimenting to see which ones become your personal favourites.

I’ve included a short video below that shows how I stitched out this simple quilting design.


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