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A “Summer Quilt” + video

I worked on a few quilts for a regular client in BC this past week; one of them she calls her “summer quilt”.  Of course there was one part where I had the most fun of all and if you guessed it was in that solid white border then you really have been paying attention to what you read here 🙂

When I receive quilt tops with a request for me to just do my thing with the quilting – her usual request! – it means not only that I get to have fun being creative and using any stitching designs I choose, but also that my client has confidence in my work and trusts me to add a special touch to something they’ve already put a lot of themselves into.  Being asked to stitch all over someone else’s handmade project is quite a responsibility and I’m humbled when I’m the one chosen to take on that creative task.

pam15apam 15b

I posted a couple of the smaller ones I did for this same lady over on my Customer Quilts Gallery page. The three finished quilts are now back in her possession so I can post the photos without spoiling anything!

I have another big one here to quilt for her and – I was told today – two more heading my way.  Thankfully she’s never in a hurry 🙂

If you’d like to watch a video showing how I joined the feather border to make it look continuous even though it was stitched in sections, along with some of the other stitching, you can find the link below.

Have a good weekend!



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