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Feather Pizzaz


I prepared a sample and a promo video for a feather class I’ll be teaching in the fall –  which meant doing several individual recordings and then editing them down to a bite sized clip – and once it was all done I thought it might be fun to share the photos and video here for my readers as well 🙂  The promo title screens have been removed in this version, because you don’t need class info, but you can see the variety of designs and listen to some funky music while you’re at it!

Here are some close-up shots of the different sections of the class sample, video is at the end.


Even after all this stitching on a 36″ square mini, I’m still looking at it like “there are so many more things we could do with feathers here!”  However, while I could go on and on until the fabric runs out, I’m sure the students will eventually need to go home … haha


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