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Custom work on a family tree quilt

I recently custom quilted this family tree wall hanging with appliquéd leaves.  My client had the project passed on to her for completion by an aging family member whose wish it was to have it finished after she could no longer work on it.  It is a lovely piece, and the maker took care to use differing shades of green for the leaves representing each generation.

I love trees and the process of quilting with woodgrain and leaf designs, so I really enjoyed putting the finishing touches on this quilt.  I’ve included a video at the bottom to show how I used my HQ Glide foot to make moving around those fused appliqués a breeze.  Passing over all those names as I stitched and knowing a bit of the background that went into the project, my experience of quilting this one was unique; it kind of had a life of its own.  While I’m not connected to this family at all, bringing all of the previous work to life with my quilting made me feel like a little part of myself landed somewhere on that tree 🙂




3 thoughts on “Custom work on a family tree quilt”

  1. On July 17, 2018 you posted a picture and write-up about a custom family tree quilt that you completed for someone.
    Approximately how much would it cost for you to make something similar to that, with 61 names (4 generations)?


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