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Purple, Gray, and Yellow


I thought the last wide strip quilt I made was funky, but this one – WOW!  The color combo was a suggestion from my daughter, based on my request for a trendy idea.  Apparently purple, gray and yellow are a thing.  They aren’t necessarily MY thing, but that’s not the point! LOL  I wanted to quilt on solids and I figured that dipping my toes into a wild color combo couldn’t hurt.  It’s interesting to observe the differences between the quilts I make specifically to sell online and those that I make for my home, or at least in keeping with a style I would have in my home.  Doing something wild once in a while is kind of fun.  It’s even more fun when someone buys it and I get to see where it’s going to end up (some people send me photos once the quilt arrives in their home and that is really cool!)

So if this is your style, enjoy the pictures, and if it isn’t, put your sunglasses on and just enjoy the stitching.  Most of this was not planned out at all before I started.  The main idea was to have a lot of lines going here and there.  The rest just happened as I went along! #designingonthefly


I added a couple of videos at the bottom in case you want to see how I did some of what I did 🙂  First one is short, second one has some bouncy music in it.  It might make you want to dance…



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