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Interviewed by Leah Day

I had a super fun time being interviewed by Leah Day on her Quilting Friends podcast last week, and it went public today so I wanted to share the link and the experience with you!  We had a great conversation about quilting, creativity, passion and balancing things in our crafty lives.  Some of it was practical and some of it was philosophical.  All of it was a surreal experience for me 🙂  She is just as sweet in person (well, on video call!) as she appears to be and I’m happy to have met her and made a new quilting friend!

You can go straight to the podcast on her Youtube channel by clicking the image below, and you can read more about the podcast in the show notes here: Be Open to Your Creativity


5 thoughts on “Interviewed by Leah Day”

  1. Ann Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk with Leah, It is the first podcast of by Leah that I watched and I am so glad it was you. Love your work and you bully personality


  2. I made my first quilt last weekend and now I’m ready to ditch all of my old craft supplies and dig in deep to this fun new to me hobby! I resonated with so much you said today so I feel like I’ve met a new best friend. We are the same age and I’m dealing with some personal stuff right now that I won’t go into here’s but just know that this interview was like a Godwink for me to get me through this chapter I’m I need now.

    Looking forward to learning from you. 😁


    1. Hello Ann! Thank you so much or your comment and your kind words, it means a lot to me 🙂 I hope you will find in quilting the joy and relaxation and general personal fulfilment that I have found. I’m glad that listening to my chat with Leah inspired you!


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