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Dreaming Big For the Third time

Just finished my third custom free motion Dream Big panel quilt and this is the first on my long arm (the other two were done on my sit down machine).

I LOVE this ocean-like color way and while I had to push through some not-so-great quilting moments on this one (we all have days when we utter more than a few choice words and just have to walk away) in the end, this one is my absolute favourite thus far. It makes me think of the ocean 🙂

And yet, as always, after my initial ooh la la moment when I took it off the frame, saw the big picture, ran my hands over the texture and drooled a bit (not ON the quilt, just figuratively speaking LOL) I knew that if I did another, I would up the level once more! Of course, when it’s my own project, the budget is limitless so the struggle is real 🙂

I’m including the link from my Instagram to show you the photos from a few angles, and below is a video of me “just quilting”, no talking, just some peaceful music and a lot of stitching, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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