Day to day

Jelly Roll Rug

As usual, I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to cool new things that can be made from fabric LOL. However, I have been wanting to make an official Jelly Roll Rug for a while now and finally got dow to doing it. I love the finished rug – even though it did take hours and HOURS of sewing. For the most part thought it is mindless sewing so I was able to catch up on podcasts and other things I like to listen to while working and end up with a super cute handmade cotton rug that I have since been moving around my house to see just where I like it best HAHA

There’s bound to be at least one more of these and probably a few, because while the process isn’t a quick one by my typical standard, it really is fun to see it come together step by step as there’s always something happening along the way to make me smile. I used the Vintage Happy 2 jelly roll for this one and the color scheme is one of my favourites.

The video below shows you in very fast forward how this pretty rug came to be so I hope it injects a little ray of sunshine into your day and perhaps inspires you to get started on your own if you haven’t done so already!


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