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Free Motion Quilting Class for Beginners

One of my goals for this new year was to get things organized so I could put my Free Motion Quilting for Beginners class online. I finally got the recording done, for sit down and long arm quilters and, during the editing process, the seriousness of our current global crisis became very real in our area.

I’m sure my experience is not unique, in that one day this thing was “over there”, meaning it was still not a crisis yet anywhere near me. The next morning I went to the grocery store to grab a couple of basic items and saw the empty shelf in the paper aisle. It took me a few minutes for it to register, as I was planning to get some extra for my adult kids in the city because the previous day there was none to be found anywhere in their vicinity. As I stood there in a bit of confusion that even in our small rural town we were seeing the effects of nationwide panic, I realized that it was no longer “over there” somewhere. Things had changed drastically overnight, and since then have changed every 12-24 hours.

I don’t want to make this about panic or fear. I have many personal thoughts and feelings about this situation, as I know the rest of you do as well. We’re all going through something we haven’t done before; it’s new and it’s scary and our brains are learning how to manage it all. It’s normal to feel confused, overwhelmed, uncertain.

And in the midst of all that, I have decided to go ahead and upload my class lessons as planned and offer them free to anyone who is interested. I wanted to share something that might help you pass the time as we all try to stay at home as much as possible to help save lives. I know that I find it easier to cope when I have new ideas and inspiration and videos to watch or podcasts to listen to that keep my eyes on what I CAN DO right now.

And many have children home from school so perhaps some of those might want to learn how to free motion quilt 🙂

So if you would like to access the class, it will be free until the end of April, and at that time I will reassess the situation based on what is happening then. The class is accessible only through my Facebook group right now, which you can join by going to my Facebook business page and clicking on the “groups” link. You will find more info in the video announcement below. When you ask to join, please be sure to answer the two questions in place to ensure that only real humans are admitted to the group 🙂


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