Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting Elephant Abstractions Quilt

While I wasn’t able to capture action videos while working on my Elephant Abstractions quilt, I did want to share with you some of the stitching details, so I did a video at the end with a lot of me talking and a lot of you looking at the quilt with my hand moving over it LOL

I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement here.

I’m very happy that I went ahead and tackled this foundation paper piecing project; it was a goal for me in 2020 and I got it pieced early in the year, but it took me a while to settle into the actual quilting because for a long while I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Now that it’s finished, I already want to change the binding, so it seems this has turned into one of my “never really satisfied” projects! Sometimes that’s just how things go. Eventually, I will consider it done and move on.

For now, here is the video with details, some humility about glitches, and I will pull in some still photos for you from my Instagram share once this was off the frame 🙂


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