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A House Quilt just for me!

I’ve been saving ideas and house block patterns in hopes of coming to a definite conclusion about exactly how I wanted my own house quilt to look and eventually got so caught up in my head that I couldn’t get started! Each time I thought I had made a choice, I went to cut my fabric and then wasn’t sure. So as the struggle began to compound itself and interfere with my ability to just be creative, I got up one morning and said enough is enough LOL.

I knew I wanted to have at least two different house blocks in the quilt so they wouldn’t all be the same, and I was pretty sure about the smaller one, so I just needed to find a big one that would give some contrast but still fit in. I happened to catch a YouTube video where Camille from Thimble Blossoms was piecing a house from her Winterville quilt and it was just what I needed (the small house block is also one of hers). I purchased the pattern and got going that morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are some pics taken when I unloaded it from the longarm frame and a video showing some of the free motion quilting and a bit of my thought process as I went along.

It’s a cold but sunny blue sky day where I am today, so I might just make some tea, watch a movie, and get this binding done. Enjoy your day!

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