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Longarm Quilting – Computerized and still Creative!

I was listening to a program recently that brought to mind my own previous misconceptions about computerized quilting and prompted me to put together a video to show a few aspects that might also help dispel any ideas others have about how it works. The software that runs on my Gammill Statler Stitcher allows me… Continue reading Longarm Quilting – Computerized and still Creative!

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Free Motion Quilting Class for Beginners

One of my goals for this new year was to get things organized so I could put my Free Motion Quilting for Beginners class online. I finally got the recording done, for sit down and long arm quilters and, during the editing process, the seriousness of our current global crisis became very real in our… Continue reading Free Motion Quilting Class for Beginners

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My very own Elephant Abstractions quilt!

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know that piecing quilt tops is my least favourite part of quilting. I do it when I need to, and once in a while it isn't too bad if it doesn't take too long LOL But I'm not like a lot of… Continue reading My very own Elephant Abstractions quilt!

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My Kitchen Rug – FINALLY!

I am happy to announce that after five years into a quilting journey that started because I wanted to make a little rug for my kitchen, I HAVE FINALLY MADE THE RUG! For the background that goes with this post, please check out my story here if you don't already know how I went from… Continue reading My Kitchen Rug – FINALLY!

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Hippie Trailer Quilt

I've mentioned already - and if not here, then in several other places! - that I sat down in the fall and pondered a few projects I had thought of maybe doing "some day" and made decisions about which ones I was going to go ahead with and how. I set some goals and one… Continue reading Hippie Trailer Quilt

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Crazy Quilt Lady

As I stood over the trash can in my sewing room this morning about to dig for "crumbs", I faced an unavoidable truth: I've hit the point of no return. When I started quilting, I bought precuts for projects and used the scraps on the back of the quilts because I wanted nothing leftover to… Continue reading Crazy Quilt Lady

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Happy New Year!

The last few times I've begun writing a post here I've felt the need to mention that "it's been a while since I wrote...." and it happened again yesterday when I realized how much time has passed. I've been feeling like I'm so "far behind" on sharing news and photos here. But am I really?… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Cyber Week 2019 at Ann Walsh Quilting

And so it begins, the big shopping weekend of the year! I'm having a shop wide sale on Etsy right now with 40% off everything and free shipping within North America! Check out my sale for some great gifts big and small (there are even some for your pets): Ann Walsh Quilting on Etsy Below… Continue reading Cyber Week 2019 at Ann Walsh Quilting

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Snowflake Tree Quilt Panel

I recently finished this project for a client, making good use of my Gammill Statler Stitcher for the custom quilting both in and around the snowflake tree. I love all those lines with varied spacing! I was able to mark them out as I went along the quilt so I could design on the fly… Continue reading Snowflake Tree Quilt Panel

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Custom Quilting Ohio Star

This quilt is made from a pattern published by Missouri Star Quilt Company and they call it "Oberlin". I used it recently as the basis for a larger quilt - I put four of these together and added a border - but this grey and white smaller custom version was the one I first intended… Continue reading Custom Quilting Ohio Star