Custom Quilting Info

Love making quilt tops, not so in love with the quilting process?

After diving head on into quilting, I learned that many – perhaps most – quilters prefer the piecing process to the actual quilting of their projects.

I LOVE free motion quilting so in addition to selling my own handmade quilts, I started offering my quilting services to others.

Now for the (very important) details:

If you’re interested in having a quilt custom quilted by me (non-smoking home, no pets), here’s some information you’ll need ahead of time:

1) I currently only accept for custom work quilts up to a max. of 60″X65″.  I don’t work with bed sized quilts at this time.  Please consider arranging for quilting as far as possible in advance of when you actually need the finished quilt, in case there is a waiting list.

2) I do all the stitching myself on my sit down long arm and I don’t use automated computer programs.  You won’t see the perfection, repetition, or consistency of an automated machine’s stitching pattern because I’m a real human being working with my hands. You will get artistic variations and a custom personal touch 🙂  

3) Before giving quotes or making arrangements for quilting, I will need to see a clear and large picture of the top if not in person.  You will need to ensure that all seams are completely sewn and secure, threads are trimmed, and top is squared and pressed so all seams are flat.  I will sandwich quilts on site and will be unable to accept quilt tops that won’t remain smooth or stable when pulled taut for quilting.

4) Your backing and batting each need to be cut at least 3″ wider on all sides than the quilt top itself.  I prefer to use 100% cotton, cotton/bamboo or 80/20 cotton/polyester blend or 100% polyester needle punch battings.  I don’t work with Minky or stretch fleece backings.   I will use my own threads.

5) I require a deposit of 25% of the estimated cost of quilting prior to starting your project, and the remainder in full when you pick up your quilt.  For quilts being shipped back and forth, payment in full will be required before I ship your finished quilt, and all shipping charges will be your responsibility.  Please be sure your expectations fit within the scope of the service I offer (repeat #2 above) before surrendering your handiwork to my studio 🙂

6) I offer various quilting designs from basic edge to edge stitching to intricate and detailed stitching with border work. Pricing starts at 2 cents per square inch for basic edge to edge open designs (multiply the length of your quilt by the width to find the number of square inches). There is a minimum charge of $35 regardless of quilt size.  Pricing includes thread and needle fee (I start each quilt with a new needle and I use high quality quilting threads) basting spray and my work to sandwich the quilt.  Pricing does not include backing or batting (I do often have batting available for purchase if you don’t have your own), and I don’t currently offer a binding service.  

**Please note:  Pricing will be determined by the density and detail of the desired stitching pattern as well as other factors such as requested thread color changes, various necessary stops and starts, adapting to appliqued designs, or anything that requires special treatment of your quilt (for example, spaced line patterns which follow a specific path according to your piecing), as these things require extra time and work and must be handled differently than the free motion quilting you see below, even if the designs appear to be more simple.

These are some examples of stitching patterns, but your options certainly aren’t limited to what you see here.  For a better idea of the custom work I do, please visit my Customer Quilts page and check out the completed quilts shown there.  Contact Me for any additional questions or information!