Pinterest Adventure Day 13

This quilt has provided lots of space for me to try out pinned ideas!  Today I finished up the chevron sections in the negative space, using simple lines marked evenly across the area to make sure the triangles were reasonably uniform.  Filling them in was so much fun!  I love the dramatic effect they give, and in between the two feathered sections, I just did some “mini” composition quilting on the fly 🙂

This was a preamble to the whole quilt I plan to make with chevron sections from top to bottom in varying shades of grey.  Don’t hold your breath on that one yet though; the fabric hasn’t even arrived! LOL

MPA13 copy

I’m noticing that each time I’ve posted a photo from this project, the color looks different, which is likely a result of my experimenting with tools and effects in Photoshop.  I’ve been working on a course in that subject over the past few days 🙂

I’ll post the finished, bound and laundered quilt tomorrow so you can see how it all came together.


Straight Line Border Stitching

Happy Monday!  It’s freezing cold here and now that the build up from our major snowfall has been cleared around most of town I hear that driving is much better – although I really don’t want to have to go outside 🙂

Today I wanted to share a quick tip I learned from another video for stitching straight line borders in a way that keeps the travel stitching/thread build up where you want it instead of where you might not want it.

If you stitch back and forth on the same line (much easier to do with a ruler!) you can keep all the travelling along one edge rather than having it show up on every second side of your section.  Use the quilt edge for travelling if you are stitching an outer border; use the ditch between your piecing and an inside border.  Simple hint, but useful and I didn’t think about it before I saw it done, so I hope this video is helpful 🙂


Pinterest Adventure Day 12

Finally got to sit down and quilt today after putting the finishing touches on my basement reno.  I can’t wait to share photos of the completed space, but I’m waiting for a new piece of equipment to arrive and I’ll post when everything is set up!

For now, here is today’s pin, simple but cool, fit into a tile on a composition quilting design.  I just drew the large circles using the base of a thread cone and a slightly smaller spool, then pebbled around them.  Fun idea!  And yes, I see some of the wonky edges but they’ll disappear when the finished quilt gets laundered 🙂


I’m also including a couple of photos of the surrounding area for extra fun.  There’s a bright chevron patterned insert hiding in there, but you’ll get to see it another day 🙂


You can see where I’ve marked lines to section off the areas around the swirl chain.  I draw those as parameters that I will intentionally break through as I stitch organically (read as “planning on the fly”) to make it look like things are layered and moving through each other.  I’ll show more on this technique in a later post, just wanted to get something up tonight to show you I haven’t given up on my adventure! LOL


Pinterest Adventure Day 11

So you can see that I’ve missed a few days of Pinterest posts – which is allowed, right?  This adventure is flexible 🙂

I’m in the midst of a minor renovation in my basement and working on a couple of other projects, but I made a point of stitching this one out today.

It was tricky to keep track of the lines as I went – I did mark one of the zig zag lines in each of the geometric sections so I would have a good guide for the rest of the lines, but I had to be careful as I went along because it was easy to get mixed up.  However, I really like the end result and it has a great texture.

The one I pinned just had pebbles over the whole background but even though I like the look of pebbles in all sizes, sometimes I get bored stitching them over a larger area, so I threw in some spirals, of course …


Clamp system for sit down machines

I’ve looked at a few different systems for using hanging clamps to lift the weight of a quilt off the table to make free motion quilting go more smoothly on bigger projects.  After considering my own needs, my space, and my current setup, I was able to just go with a couple of long arm machine clamps attached to a shelf above my machine and it works really well for me, so I thought I’d share the idea with you 🙂

I just drilled a couple of holes in the shelf, threaded the bungee cords through the holes, and wrapped up the extra into a loose knot that keeps the cord in place but also allows for easy adjustment when needed.

Here’s a picture of what it all looks like (if you’re wondering what my “note to self” stuck on the wall says, it’s a reminder to turn my phone volume back down when I’m finished quilting!) and below that is a short video showing how the quilt moves around so easily.



Basic Ruler Work


I finished the ruler work on the geometric quilt panel today and decided to make a short video just to show the basics of what I was doing.  I also got the white background filled in with free motion quilting which, once again, made me wish I’d used white thread over the whole thing! OK, that’s the last lament you will hear from me on this matter 🙂

I have to wait to bind this quilt because I need a solid in the same color as the border and finding solids in store is a real challenge these days; it seems most customers are looking for tone on tone fabrics instead and that leaves me in a tough spot if I don’t have just the right color solid in stock.  Thankfully, I have a Moda color chart making it easy to order online but the wait is longer.  Stay tuned for pics of the finished quilt as soon as I’m able to get hold of Bella Solids Violet #9900-224 …

Pinterest Adventure Day 10

Well, this isn’t about just one pin; I got a lot of work done today!

I finally finished all the bigger blocks on my panel, took care of the smaller blocks as well, and then hit the circles – which I think are my favourite part of the whole quilt thus far because they’re organic, kind of funky, and took far less time to quilt than all the other stuff 🙂

The top two blocks were actually done at the end of yesterday but they didn’t make it into that photo so I’m including them here.  Lots more ruler work, lots more lamenting about not using white thread … I’ve stitched most of these designs before, but the challenge here was working within the limits of specific blocks.




The mini quilt I pinned had a white background with small coloured squares and these popping circles were done around each square and extended out into the surrounding background area.  I really like these!  Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of this quilt 🙂


I’m going to go back in with white thread to fill these larger background areas, but I wanted to keep the color consistent in all the blocks so that prevented me from filling in the background as I went along.  That would be my preferred process!

Pinterest Adventure Day 9

I’m working my way through this sampler quilt panel, so there are a number of different block styles with various colors that I wouldn’t necessarily put together myself, but in the end I think it will have a nice modern look to it.

I have to admit, I’m having mixed feelings about this quilt.  Too many starts and stops, and I’m regretting the light grey thread.  Before I started, I considered going with white or slightly off white, but I thought it might be too bright on the darker blocks.  However, after completing several blocks I’m now thinking I would have liked it better overall.  Live and learn!  That’s what practice is all about 🙂

I’m enjoying the ruler work but still find the most fun in the areas where I do free motion quilting.  Of course they don’t end up looking as precise, but that’s A-OK with me! Once this whole panel is finished, bound and washed, I think it’s going to surprise me.


More to come on this one tomorrow!


Pinterest Adventure Day 8

I’m currently working on a sampler panel designed by Natalia Bonner for longarm quilting practice.  I work on a sit down machine, but the fills are still workable.

There are lots of different shapes on this, so I’ll be able to use it to try out various things I’ve saved and when it’s all done, I’m hoping it will be a fun quilt overall with may different looking blocks.  The challenge was deciding on a thread color that would work everywhere so I wasn’t changing thread for every block, and I settled on a light grey which will blend in certain areas and stand out in others, but that will have to be OK 🙂  In the end I think I’ll be happier with a consistent look than numerous thread changes!

Both of these show a combination of ruler work and free motion quilting.  I’m not completely happy with the continuous lines in the pink triangles, which didn’t quite end up as I intended, but I did learn what I’d prefer to do next time!