Time Flies – and so do flies and bees and ants and other such outdoor summer kinds of things…

I am soooo far behind in posting here; I just checked and it’s been a month!  I knew I had a lot to catch up on but a whole month?

Things have been buzzing along in my studio this past while, including my first bee of the season which, as anyone who knows me well will understand, marks the beginning of my least favourite time of the year.  OK, that’s a gross understatement.  I hate all things summer.  But I digress…

I’m feeling a bit guilty for not keeping up with my blog, even though I’m trying to keep other online things updated regularly and you can at least see some photos from my social media feeds on this page.  However, I have a backlog of photos in limbo – not yet filed and cluttering up my computer desktop so I won’t forget to upload them! – and I do want to share a few of the projects that have moved in and out of my quilting area.

I’ve been working on client quilts for the most part, getting more comfortable with the computerized mode of my Gammill Statler Stitcher, so I have several examples of my edge to edge quilting to show you here.  As always, I’m thankful for the people who trust me to work on their handcrafted quilt tops 🙂

First, some edge to edge projects that my Gammill Statler Stitcher has enabled me to work on:

And this was a practice piece, to check out a pebble design and I LOVE these circles!


Lastly, here is one I did custom work on, hand guided free motion quilting and ruler work:

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


A Happy Accident

Burnt orange is supposedly a trending color for 2019.  I say “supposedly” because I find it difficult to keep track and often find myself at the mercy of outside sources when it comes to staying on top of these things!

So I thought I’d go with it, dive in, and make a quilt in this not-for-me shade, and I chose a cool star quilt pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company, thinking it wold be a good way to use up some leftover black and white print.

Then I decided to pack up my sewing one day and actually go to a group sewing day, taking this project with me as I figured it would be mindless sewing that I could handle while chatting the day away.  Part way through adding the print to each solid block, it occurred to me that I should stop and actually measure it out and see if I had enough to put two strips on every remaining block before I got too far in, but instead of following the inner nudge I kept on talking, and sewing, and then it was too late.


So I was left with several solid blocks and no more print.  And there was no more at home when I got there.  And there was no more at the store when I got there.  So I made a quick decision to grab another black and white print that was enough of a contrast and I went home to finish up the squares, thinking I would just go with whatever happened because I wasn’t really “into” this quilt anyway! LOL

Once I began to lay it out on the design wall, it was obvious to me that the best effect would be to have the blocks transition from one print to another, one corner to another, and voila!  It looks like I planned it all that way from the start!  (at least it does to me, so just let me have this moment…HAHA)


In the end, I believe it looks even better than it would have if all that print had been the same.  So this was a happy accident as they say.  Something even better came from a mistake.  And while it’s still beyond my preferred color palette, now that it’s all quilted (with a cool triangle maze edge to edge pattern on my Gammill Statler Stitcher), washed, and cuddly, I no longer look at it with a neutral eye.  I kind of like it now!  Kind of…


Longarm Quilting: easing in fullness

While I was working on a client quilt this week, I recorded a short video showing how I used my hands while my Gammill Statler was stitching out a digital design, to manipulate the quilt top and ease in any bits of fullness to avoid getting unwanted pleats and tucks.  I got the idea from a video Linda Taylor did for the Best of Both Worlds series for Gammill Quilting (look for that great set of tutorials on Youtube!) and it was definitely beneficial for me, and in the end for my client who ended up with a lovely finish on her quilt.

There is soooooooo much to learn in this computerized quilting arena!  But I just try to focus on a little bit at a time so my brain won’t explode! LOL  Of course, I want to try ALL THE THINGS!

First a few photos, then the video at the bottom.  All are posted with permission 🙂

Have a great weekend!