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Painted Ladies Quilt Project

A lot of photos appear as I'm scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed each day, and many of them are crafty things because, of course, Facebook knows what I look at online and makes sure to flash me more of the same!  I see various quilt-y pictures, especially when friends share patterns and such, and one… Continue reading Painted Ladies Quilt Project

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Feather Pizzaz

I prepared a sample and a promo video for a feather class I'll be teaching in the fall -  which meant doing several individual recordings and then editing them down to a bite sized clip - and once it was all done I thought it might be fun to share the photos and video here… Continue reading Feather Pizzaz

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Only love can build a home…

I recently finished quilting this wall hanging for a client and while I don't always post about each customer quilt I do, sometimes there's something specific I would like to share and I can use the project as an example. When I'm working on a panel of any size or style, there are decisions to… Continue reading Only love can build a home…

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Video – Figure Eight Quilt

I missed adding the video to my post on the Figure Eight Quilt this morning !  I've added it to the original post now, but many of you subscribe by email and you won't know it's been updated, so the only way for me to make sure you see it is to publish another post.… Continue reading Video – Figure Eight Quilt

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Figure Eight Quilt

If I had to pick my favourite thing about this quilt, it would be the bicycle print fabric!  The colors are fun, and certainly the quilting was fun, but honestly, those bicycles ... I had all the solids in stock and was looking for a grey background and for some reason the picture on the… Continue reading Figure Eight Quilt

Quilting Day by Day

A Few Helpful Hints

I had an uncommon fairly acceptable hair day yesterday so it was a good time to step in front of the camera for a change and record a video with a few things I wanted to share 🙂  Hope you find it useful, or at least entertaining! It's been craaaaazy windy for the past few… Continue reading A Few Helpful Hints

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

A “Summer Quilt” + video

I worked on a few quilts for a regular client in BC this past week; one of them she calls her "summer quilt".  Of course there was one part where I had the most fun of all and if you guessed it was in that solid white border then you really have been paying attention… Continue reading A “Summer Quilt” + video

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

If you’re going to dream, dream big … + video

If you're following anything "quilty" online recently you've probably seen a few versions of this beautiful digitally printed panel from Hoffman fabrics.  They're kind of a big deal!  The colors are gorgeous and they have lots of potential for creative stitching. I've seen them quilted out in various ways, all lovely, and I knew when… Continue reading If you’re going to dream, dream big … + video

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Longarm free motion quilting in manual mode + video

Since I got my longarm I've been using the regulated stitching mode to keep my stitches looking consistent through my learning curve - it's a bit of a brain twist to go from free motion quilting on the sit down machine to doing it on the longarm because they are very different processes.  But recently… Continue reading Longarm free motion quilting in manual mode + video

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Modern Improv Block Quilt

This was FUNNNNNNN!  Totally spontaneous, no measurements to speak of, busting that perfectionist tendency into pieces and blowing it away in the breeze. If you can handle not knowing what your quilt is going to look like when it's all done, or even your individual blocks for that matter, then give this a try.  You… Continue reading Modern Improv Block Quilt