Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Snowflake Tree Quilt Panel

I recently finished this project for a client, making good use of my Gammill Statler Stitcher for the custom quilting both in and around the snowflake tree. I love all those lines with varied spacing! I was able to mark them out as I went along the quilt so I could design on the fly… Continue reading Snowflake Tree Quilt Panel

Quilting Day by Day

Baby Quilts time lapse video

Here's a quick time lapse video for you (with an intro longer than the stitching part itself LOL!) taken the other day when I was working on some baby quilts two at a time. As you can see, My Gammill Statler did most of the work HAHA

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Farm Girl Vintage

Did you see that title and think for just a moment that I might have actually pieced one of these Farm Girl Vintage quilts?  I'll give new readers the benefit of doubt, but the rest of you should certainly know better LOL This was a client quilt that came to me, in several of my… Continue reading Farm Girl Vintage