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My new pin cushion (and a cute baby quilt…)

I needed a new pin cushion.  Yes n-e-e-d-e-d.  I was using some old thing that I recovered a while back and I didn't pay much attention to the fact that it was ugly as long as it worked.  But then when I started using the pretty Clover flower head pins from my mom, they made… Continue reading My new pin cushion (and a cute baby quilt…)

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Downton Abbey Quilts

I found myself buying a large set of Downton Abbey fat quarters from Andover Fabrics at a quilt show I attended in the spring.  Now go ahead and call that stashing if you must, but seriously, they were all packed up inside this too cute little quilted bag with a special Downton Abbey label on… Continue reading Downton Abbey Quilts

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There’s something about white

The Daisy quilt is finished.  And once again I face a dilemma: to keep or not to keep? I love daisies!  I especially love bright and colourful Gerbera daisies; I have a vase of lovely bright daisies on my piano right now.  I also really love the look of a solid white quilt and the… Continue reading There’s something about white

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Music Montage

For music lovers everywhere ... I have to admit that I was intrigued by a large block piecing pattern I saw online and decided to try it.  The fact that the blocks are large made the piecing bearable! haha I also tried some geometric stitching patterns in the blocks (not a huge fan of geometrics… Continue reading Music Montage

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Whole cloth quilt … almost

Well, here I am again posting pictures of a new quilt before the binding is even finished.  It seems I'm most inspired to write about a quilt when it's hot off the press!  After I spread it all out and take a look (even I don't know what it really looks like until that point!) I'm… Continue reading Whole cloth quilt … almost

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Custom Quilting

I can now share a picture of the baby quilt I quilted a little while ago, as the shower has taken place and no surprises will be leaked.  This quilt was pieced by Dana Tartal for a special baby boy. Holy Hexagons and Triangles, Batman! Wow, there are a lot of pieces in it.  Personally,… Continue reading Custom Quilting

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Keeping in Touch

I don't have a new quilt to post yet because I've been working on a couple of custom quilting projects that I can't even share right now; they were brought to me by ladies who are giving the completed quilts as gifts in the near future and with the way things go around the internet… Continue reading Keeping in Touch