Quilting Day by Day

Odds & Ends

I tried out a sample piece today using fleece instead of batting, so I wanted to share this video to show how it turned out. Below that, is a short video to show how easy it is to separate your pins from your pinmoors when they're all mixed up after a quilting project 🙂 https://youtu.be/Si8de-_r8DQ… Continue reading Odds & Ends

Quilting Day by Day

Pinmoors! Yup, they’re a thing …

I've been a spray baste fan since day one.  DAY 1.  I firmly believe that if it hadn't been for spray basting, I wouldn't have fallen head first into this quilting thing.  The idea of spending all that time pin basting a quilt was just too daunting. But I've been thinking the whole thing through… Continue reading Pinmoors! Yup, they’re a thing …