Quilting Day by Day

Wool Batting -#Winning

I'm kind of excited to share today's post.  Don't be anticipating anything life changing here; small things make me happy 🙂 I've been hearing about wool batting, reading things about how to use it, how to wash it, whether or not to let it dry flat or use the dryer etc. I've also been hearing… Continue reading Wool Batting -#Winning

Quilting Day by Day

What is a handmade quilt worth?

Today I started and finished quilting a baby quilt using a much simpler, open stitching pattern than the one I posted yesterday.  I decided to give myself a little break by doing some overall loops with a few repeating details mixed in rather than densely quilt this one, especially since it's for a boy.  In… Continue reading What is a handmade quilt worth?