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Only love can build a home…

I recently finished quilting this wall hanging for a client and while I don't always post about each customer quilt I do, sometimes there's something specific I would like to share and I can use the project as an example. When I'm working on a panel of any size or style, there are decisions to… Continue reading Only love can build a home…

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Coneflower Quilt

I was inspired to make this quilt when I saw a picture on Pinterest of a large coneflower blossom appliquéd project that was attributed to Gillian Travis Textiles.  I've searched the actual site but I can't seem to find it there, so I don't know if hers was a whole quilt or just a mini… Continue reading Coneflower Quilt

My Pinterest Adventure, Quilting Day by Day

My Pinterest Adventure 2018 – week 1

HAHA - I admit it, I'm kind of a Star Wars fan (and that's an understatement!)  This quote relates well to my reasons for starting myself out on a challenge this year to make use of the pins I've been saving on my quilting board. It's so easy to click "save" whenever something appeals to… Continue reading My Pinterest Adventure 2018 – week 1

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Cushions Anyone?

I have to admit I've been having some fun with smaller projects this week.  I didn't think I would be into making things like this, especially since you will rarely see a cushion in my own house.  But I learn over and over again to "never say 'never' " (no, I didn't have to put… Continue reading Cushions Anyone?

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Playing with Thread

"Once upon a time there was a lovely sign ..."   Well, OK, it was last Saturday.  So I'm in this cool shop with my daughter and I'm seeing all kinds of wonderful things I don't need but am still allowed to admire and I'm almost done when I go around a corner and see… Continue reading Playing with Thread

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Free Motion Cursive

I'm working on a Canada themed quilt and I decided to add a couple of phrases from our national anthem in cursive writing, with a thread painting kind of system for making the letters stand out nicely. I should have thought of this simple method myself ... but ... I saw it on a Leah… Continue reading Free Motion Cursive

Custom Quilting, Quilting Day by Day

Thread Art

The custom quilting projects I worked on last weekend have been picked up, so I can now share some pictures with you.  This sunflower wall hanging gave me the opportunity to do a bit of thread painting for detail and some artistic variations in the stitching patterns to compliment the overall design.  I love the… Continue reading Thread Art