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Majesty – the silk quilt

I'm not good at naming quilts (we've been down this path before) but when I started this project and decided it was going to be something quite different than other things I've made I knew it needed a special name.  The fabric itself inspired me to come up with a name befitting the luxury that… Continue reading Majesty – the silk quilt

Quilting Day by Day

FMQ The Learning Process

Today I was reading the blog post of another quilting lady and I felt that in describing and critiquing her own work she was being much too hard on herself.  So that inspired me to post a picture of one of my early quilting projects and talk a bit about how we judge ourselves and… Continue reading FMQ The Learning Process

Quilting Day by Day

Whole cloth quilt … almost

Well, here I am again posting pictures of a new quilt before the binding is even finished.  It seems I'm most inspired to write about a quilt when it's hot off the press!  After I spread it all out and take a look (even I don't know what it really looks like until that point!) I'm… Continue reading Whole cloth quilt … almost

Quilting Day by Day

Hush Little Baby Quilt

...oops I did it again... (but unlike Britney Spears, I did it on purpose!) I wild quilted a baby quilt and to make it even more challenging I added some scrappy flower appliques first (will be re-thinking this one ...) It started out as a test for these cute flower cut-outs my mom had. She… Continue reading Hush Little Baby Quilt

Quilting Day by Day

The Graffiti Quilt

  Well, it's done.  I hinted about it in my last post and now it's all finished.  I think I used five M-size bobbins on this one!  I even started getting concerned about the cone on top as I realized how much thread this was using up, even though it was pretty huge. My initial… Continue reading The Graffiti Quilt