More from the Woodlands …

I feel like there should be music playing as you read this, like the theme song from Hinterland Who’s Who? … if you don’t know what that is, you’re either not from Canada  or you’re still a young pup.  It’s a classic.  In our house it’s more of a long standing joke, but let’s say “classic” just to be nice 🙂  I’m including a youtube link here because I can’t add background music to this post and I want you to get the full effect.  When we make a joke, we pretty much just hum those first few notes and there’s no explanation needed …

It won’t be funny though if you’re hearing it for the first time.  You’ll be like “What’s the joke?” To qualify for standing joke status, you’d have had to hear it interrupt every CBC program of your childhood for a one minute trip down Canada Goose lane or some other nature walk …

… but seriously …

I have a few more woodland animal/outdoor themed quilts to share with you; one is another panel from Spoonflower, one was designed and pieced by me (OK, full disclosure: the idea was sent to me by my niece who wanted to custom order something similar and I figured out how to make it by throwing some some deer heads into her color scheme.) The third will be gifted to a young man who loves everything outdoorsy along with John Deere tractors.  I found a layer cake precut package that fit the bill and got lucky when I added in the John Deere because I was ordering online and those greens actually went together when I got it all! #winning

They’ve all been quilted with one of my favourite hand guided edge to edge designs, the woodgrain, and you can see how this stitching pattern works on just about anything.


I think another Spoonflower order will be necessary soon;  their site is so much fun!

#191 May:18 - Jessica#191b

“Never have I ever …” Yellow, grey, black, and white.  Until I saw it, it wouldn’t have occurred to me.  And apparently those deer heads make it “perfect”, according to sources other than myself.  So I’m being educated!

#193 May:18 - Thomas#193b

An outdoor person I’m not.  (understatement of the year …) But I am told that this one looks really cool and will be very suitable for its recipient and that’s what counts!

That’s it for today’s walk in the woods. (more music here …)

Stay tuned for my newly finished modern improv block quilt which is sucking me into keeping it for myself.  Yes, I know, we’ve been down this road before LOL


Woodgrain and Woodland Animals + video

Woodland animals are kind of a big deal right now and they’re appearing on all kinds of baby and child decor so of course I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get some quilts made!

I found some wonderful panels (read as “already digitally printed with a variety of designs so there’s lots of cool stuff to look at and NO PIECING”) on that allowed me to get in on this craze and have some fun with modern quilting.  I chose the woodgrain stitching pattern for these because it not only fit with the theme but it stitches out pretty quickly with stunning results in texture.

I have two slightly different panels left to finish, but for now, here are the first ones along with a short video showing you how I did the quilting.

(I’m too old to keep track of these trends, but I have a daughter who lets me know about the hot items.  Seriously, what is with these bears and deer heads?  People are gobbling this stuff up!)